Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales Blog

On a weekend with a few hours to spare, you might feel like getting something done. Washing, cleaning, and detailing your car may seem like a good option. But as you consider the supplies you'll need, the tasks involved, and the overall effort required, you may start to wonder if it's even worth it. Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales guarantees that professional auto detailing is worth it, but only if it's done by the professionals.

Your Expertise vs Our Expertise

At the end of the day, Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales has a team filled with experts taking care of cars. Your vehicle may be something you take pride in, but our work is something we take pride in. While you could watch tutorials and read lists to figure out how to detail your car yourself, we do this every day and are experts in the field. We'll take the time to remove every spec of dust, dirt, and grime so you can get back in your car feeling confident and proud.

Equipped for the Job

Correctly detailing a vehicle requires a wide range of specialized tools, from microfiber cloths to polishing machines. These tools can be expensive to purchase and maintain, and they require a significant amount of storage space. Because detailing is our livelihood, we have invested in all the necessary tools and equipment to reach every nook and cranny of your car, steam and clean even the most stubborn stains, and restore your car to as new status.

Every Little Spot

Every vehicle, no matter the make or model, has an incredible amount of nooks, crannies, crevices, and spaces for messes to fall into. Even the most pristine vehicle simply collects dust in some of these places. We thoroughly go through your car or truck to make sure all of those hard to reach spaces are cleaned and cared for.

It’s Good for You

Having your car professionally detailed is good for you in several ways. For starters, it is good for your mental health as less clutter and dirt can put you in a better state of mind. Secondly, taking care of this task for you clears an item from your to-do list that you may be putting off. Additionally, by having a professional team like ours do the dirty work, quite literally, you have time to focus on another task, responsibility, or more favorable activity that deserves your attention. According to the Health Network, “[e]xperts say that clutter in your environment places demands on your attention. It calls you to focus on it instead of fully immersing yourself in your current activity.”

It’s Good for Your Vehicle

Cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, or trailers all need a certain level of care beyond a regular wash and quick vacuum. To extend the life of your vehicle and keep up with the maximum resale value, you need to pay attention to regular detailing, both interior and exterior. Some of this detailing is preventative by cleaning up spots before they become problems.

To recover those hours you have free on the weekend, call Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales today to schedule your interior and exterior detail. You can leave the dirty work to the professional and focus on whatever else you want to do, or not, when we take care of your car, the use of your time is up to you.