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Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales guarantees that professional auto detailing is worth it, but only if it's done by the professionals. We'll take the time to remove every spec of dust, dirt, and grime so you can get back in your car feeling confident and proud.
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Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales takes pride in the condition of our own vehicles and in the condition of the hundreds of vehicles we clean, repair, and detail. Having your vehicle regularly detailed with us will help you see advantages far beyond the pride of a clean car.
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Vehicles can withstand an awful lot. By taking the time to clean your vehicle, you will ensureĀ it looks good in the short term and the long run. There are multiple ways you can keep your car looking new, between detailing appointments with Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales that will help reduce this wear and tear.
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How often should you wax your car may? Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales has expert advice for when you should protect your car further.
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