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The summer heat wreaks havoc on all of us, people, animals, and, believe it or not, our belongings. Just like you might be wary of leaving certain items out in the sun for too long, you should be concerned about the damage the sun’s rays can have on your car. Our team at Pitt Stop Auto has some ideas to protect your car and prevent damage from happening in the first place.

Protecting Your Exterior

Washing, drying, and waxing your car on a regular basis is the best way to keep the exterior of your car in the best shape. By keeping the body dust and particle free, you are reducing the likelihood of minute scratches that will add up after time. By applying a wax or using Pitt Stop Auto for a ceramic coating, you are adding a layer of protection from these particles and from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Carfax also recommends checking your windshield wipers. They assist in safety, especially during the heavy rains we frequently get, and “harsh elements can cause them to crack, lose flexibility and become misshapen.”

Protecting the Moving Parts

Heat can cause issues with the functional parts of your car as well. You should take extra time to regularly top off your fluids and to check your belts and fans to make sure they are in good working order. Small cracks can cause large issues whether you are driving to the grocery store or across country. Your battery will also be drained with the extra use of the air conditioner so keep an eye on it during these warmer months. If your air conditioning isn’t blowing as much cold air as you believe it should, after a few minutes of time, you should have that checked out by a professional. 

Protecting Your Interior

Protecting the inside of your car is just as important as protecting the outside. Regular conditioning on leather or leather type upholstery can prevent cracking from heat or UV rays. The same applies for the dash and other hard plastic parts of your car which can get additional protection from a windshield sun protector. Another way you can accidentally damage the interior of your vehicle is by leaving items inside that may react badly to heat. Lipstick and other makeup products can melt over seats and in cup holders, food items can leave behind smells as they decompose, and canned sodas can explode with high enough temperatures creating a sticky mess and stains. 

If You’ve Already Noticed Issues

If your car has already started to show signs of damage, bring it to our team and we can help stop further damage and reverse some of the issues you are seeing. By applying protectants with certain coatings and correcting your paint, as needed, your car can look as good as new. Our expert team can also give you a good idea of how often to reapply coatings for optimum results. Every vehicle will be different, depending on where they are parked and how they are used, so there isn’t just one answer that applies to everyone.

To prevent damage from happening or to fix damage you already have, come see us at Pitt Stop Auto. We can help your vehicle from the inside, out. Let our team take care of your car, freeing up time for you to work on other tasks or relax in the glow of summer.