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It may be easy to understand why upgrading your car’s sound system or repairing the rip in your driver’s seat upholstery would be a good way to spend money, but there are other great ways to cover your car and your investment that may not be as common. Investing in a ceramic coating provides an extra layer of shine and protection and is a visible way to make your car look great. Pitt Stop can provide this great service with all the care and attention to detail we give to all of our customers.
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We know your car, whether for work or for pleasure, is a large part of your life. It carries you to the places you need to go, gives a source of weekend entertainment, or helps you get the things you need. As regularly as you may have the exterior cleaned and maybe even having the interior detailed, sometimes strange odors and smells pop up. Pitt Stop Auto Detail can help you discover what is causing these smells and help you get rid of them so your car is in perfect shape.
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With a noticeable change in the air, back to school in full gear, and the return of football, we can be thankful that fall is here once more. Along with unpacking your favorite long sleeved shirts and picking up your favorite coffee beverage, Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales has a few car care tips you want to follow.
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Every time we clean out our own car, we think that this time it’s going to stay that way. However, if you are anything like us, it’s only a matter of time before something gets spilled, something ends up in the seat, and trash piles up in all nooks and crannies of the car. While we can get rid of the dirt and dust, what do you do when there is a bigger issue like a stain or some other mess you need to show a little more attention to? Pitt Stop Detail has tips for you and can help with anything...
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