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Pitt Stop Auto’s first recommendation is to park your vehicle as high in your driveway as possible when large amounts of rain heads our way and to never try to drive through floodwater. This is a safety issue as much as a way to protect your property. That being said, our team knows there are times when a flooded vehicle is unavoidable and you will want your car or truck returned to tip top shape as soon as possible.

What to Do

Wait until flood waters have completely resided before returning to your car or attempting to get in. There won’t be much you can do while streets and roads are flooded, so you will need to be patient. If your car has flooded, you will want to wait to try and restart it, even for a short trip to our shop. Even a small amount of residual water can ruin your engine and cause larger issues for repair. It is better to have it towed to a mechanic for them to check out any concerns. You can also call your insurance agent to see what qualifies for repair and what documentation you will need to file your claim.

What to Check

When you can get to your vehicle, you can go ahead and begin securing your personal items that may have been left behind. If you are unsure of whether the engine or electrical components of your car were compromised in a flood, you can look at the exterior for clues. US News advises “if you see a line of mud and debris indicating that the water reached that height [halfway up the wheels], you’ll need to take certain precautions.” If the water reached the dashboard, you may need to prepare yourself for a vehicle that will be totaled. You can also check your oil dipstick as a quick check, if there are water droplets, call a tow truck.

What to Clean

For the interior, you can use a wet/dry vacuum to remove any water left behind and begin soaking up water in your seats and cushions with dry towels. A fan may also help dry out some of the moisture inside. While you can probably remove small amounts of water from your vehicle, it can be difficult to completely dry out the padding in your seats and under your floor mats. Additionally, the car may have been left in flood water so long you will want to replace upholstery and carpeting, making sure that the metal parts aren’t damaged as well. This will be especially true if the flood involves salt water. Pitt Stop Auto can match the interior of your vehicle and have your car looking like new in no time. According to Forbes, many comprehensive coverage policies, gap insurance policies, and some FEMA assistance can help offset costs incurred, but each policy and case will look different.

If you are still recovering from a flooded vehicle or have some other upholstery issue that needs repair, call Pitt Stop Auto today. We can start the repairs on your car, truck, SUV, or other recreational vehicle and detail the inside and outside while we are at it. To learn more about our other services, see what we offer.