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Pitt Stop Auto cares for your entire vehicle, inside and outside, from top to bottom. Our care goes far beyond a regular wash that just gets a little dirt and dust off the exterior. Instead, we focus on every detail, every nook, and every cranny to make sure that it looks as close to perfect as possible.

Exterior Care

The outside of our cars and trucks are exposed to a lot. Not only does the road kick up a lot of dust and dirt, but there is additional grime, animal byproducts, sap and pollen, and other elements that build up after time. Every wash we provide, whether at our shop or with our mobile service that brings our expert care to you, washes away every spec and makes your paint shine. When we wash, we don’t just make sure the large panels are clean. Instead, we spray out your wheel wells, scrub away film from the front of your vehicle, and wipe your windows clean. We don’t want a job that will be completed in a few minutes, we want to give your car the attention it deserves. For extra care, our team can wax or apply a ceramic coating to keep your vehicle gleaming for many more days after you drive away.

Paint Correction

Unfortunately, vehicles get damaged. From accidents on the road to swirling from improper maintenance in the past, little imperfections in your paint can cause more than cosmetic damage. These minute scratches and dings can expose the metal underneath the coatings of paint which then rust when exposed to the elements. Over time, that rust could cause more issues as the body of your vehicle is damaged. Not only can our team correct the cosmetic issues, but we can also work to prevent further damage to your car or truck and put coatings in place that will reduce the likelihood of it happening again. If paint correction is needed in response to an accident, we can work with your insurance company to make sure you get the repair you need.

Other Services

In addition to everything we can offer on the exterior of your vehicle, our care goes far beyond that initial detailing. From new windshield wipers to headlights, and from air fresheners to a full smoke removal service, we can care for every inch of your car. What’s more, our services aren’t limited to your sedan or SUV. Farm trucks, trailers, motorcycles, and boats are all within the scope of vehicles we can help sparkle like new. Instead of you spending your time trying to remove the dirt and grime, let us do our best work for you.

To learn more about the care we give, the ways we can clean your car, inside and out, and other services we can provide, contact us today. We can find a spot on our schedule to clean your car, wherever works best for you.