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Most vehicles are used for a lot in our lives. Whether it is getting us from home to work, hauling our families and all of their belongings around, or being used for larger purposes, your car needs some tender loving care every once in a while. By bringing your vehicle to Pitt Stop Detail, we can help take care of this important tool in your life.

Why Detailing is Important

Detailing your car, truck, recreational vehicle, or boat on a regular basis is important for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is that your vehicle will be cleaner. Removing the dirt and grime from the outside of your car helps to protect the paint and, ultimately, the body of the car from harmful substances and byproducts it picks up from the environment. Sealants of different types can be applied to the exterior of your vehicle which will protect microscopic scratches and dents as well. For the interior of your vehicle, detailing will remove dust, food, trash, and layers of dirt from all surfaces inside. Besides being cleaner, your car will have less odor and less allergens, which will make your ride more pleasant as well. Interior detailing can also reveal any upholstery repair we may need to discuss.

Why Pitt Stop Detail

Pitt Stop Detail cares about your vehicle looking as good as the day you first purchased it. We know how important your car, truck, and other automobile is for you, whether from a work standpoint or because of personal enjoyment. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced at doing the best job possible and we have the tools and equipment which will help us reach all the spots you never even thought of. We know your time is important and while you may start off excited to reach every nook and cranny of your car, there are a lot to cover. We will get every single one to make sure your detail is complete. We aren’t just a car washing service, so if there are extra ways we can make your car look good, we have other options to explore as well.

Added Benefits

Besides the impeccable service you will receive with Pitt Stop Detail, we pride ourselves on finding ways to help the community with the task of taking care of and maintaining their vehicle. From offering drop off service to leave your car with us for the day to providing some of our services as mobile to detail your car where you are, we have options that will fit your schedule. Additionally, sometimes there are a number of tasks on our vehicles that we simply put off, from replacing headlights to changing out windshield wipers, we have a number of auto parts we sell and can take care of while making your car shine.

With several packages and add-ons available, a detailing service is the perfect gift for the one you love or for the vehicle you love to take care of. Our team would love to take care of your car and provide it with the cleaning, both inside and out, that it needs. Contact us, today.