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Car Detailing vs Car Wash

Random rain spots have dried on your car. Driving behind a trailer left your truck covered in dust. Ice cream for the kids at the drive-thru seemed like a good idea at the time. Long commutes have you feeling like you are living in your vehicle. Our cars, trucks, and SUVs get dirty for many reasons. Inside and out, there are hundreds of ways for them to get stained, soiled, and saturated with muck, but we can help take care of that. Whether you need a car wash or a car detail with Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales is dependent on the state of your vehicle.

Car Wash

The purpose of most car washes is to remove dust and dirt from the exterior of your vehicle. Sap, grime, animal byproducts, and more can be unsightly, but can also damage your paint if left long-term. Regular washing will remove basic debris and make your car look cleaner on the surface. Car washes are frequently done at home, by hand, and by automated car washes. Both of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. While you should remove many obvious spots of tar, grease, or sap that may eat away at your vehicle’s finish right away, you should also wash your car every two to three weeks according to The Drive.

Car Detail

There are two components to a car detail with Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales: interior and exterior. Our interior detail includes services on top of the basic cleaning to remove dust and dirt. Using the right tools for the job, to reach into every nook of your vehicle, helps us clean your car’s interior more thoroughly. Your windows, dash, and console will also be cleaned and, depending on the level of detail, may include conditioning and other protective applications. An exterior detail of your car can go far beyond a basic wash. Starting with wheel wells and mirrors and moving up through paint correction and using a clay bar, the amount of attention that can be given to your vehicle in a detail varies greatly. Usually, a detail involves more time and looks to restore your vehicle to its original state as much as possible, helping you enjoy every second of driving your car around. Detailing can also involve applications that protect your vehicle with sealants and coatings to help your car look its best for an extended period.

Do I Need a Car Detail, or Car Wash?

Deciding which service you need will depend on your goal for your vehicle. The easiest question to answer is when you are preparing your vehicle for sale. In this case, you will want a full detail to get your vehicle as close to new as possible while also focusing on repairing small damages that will increase its value, and thus the asking price. In general, if you have paint correction or upholstery repair that needs to happen, a detail is an important service to have at the same time to ensure every part of your vehicle is clean and checked out simultaneously. Many exterior detail services are steps within paint correction and protection. New Roads Auto Group states, "[m]ost experts recommend a new detail every four to six months, which equates to 2-3 times a year." There is also something to be said about having a full detail this frequently with mini details in between.

With a vehicle detail being recommended a few times a year, it becomes a great gift idea for your loved ones or friends and can easily be taken care of by Pitt Stop Detail & Auto Sales. Having both regular car washes and regular detailing is important for your overall driving enjoyment and extending the life of your vehicle. If you are in need of a detail, schedule with us today!