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In a long list of tasks, chores, and errands, it can feel easy to bump washing your vehicle further and further down in favor of getting more done. Add on the desire to do more than wash your vehicle, like giving it the attention and care it needs with an exterior detailing service, and you may feel like it will never get done. Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales can take care of this crucial task for you and will go above and beyond in the work that needs to get done. 

Services Included 

There are several basic services included in any exterior detail. The first step includes washing and drying the car’s body. It makes sense to start here because we want the entire exterior of your vehicle to look good, not just the little details. This service covers the wheels, tires, wheel wells, and windows. Every inch, from bumper to bumper, will get cleaned and dried. Next, Pitt Stop Detail will ensure the removal of all grime, gunk, and impurities, whether with special tools like a clay bar or by simply focusing on those areas. Once your vehicle is clean, we want it to look its best and do so by polishing it to restore a shine to the exterior. To ensure it stays looking great as long as it can, we will apply a sealant, wax, or ceramic coating to protect it from the elements and day-to-day driving. 

Why these steps? 

These steps are necessary to ensure your vehicle looks great on the outside: it’s clean, and the paint looks as perfect as possible. By cleaning the vehicle first, we can prevent further damage to your paint caused by microscopic scratches or chemical damage to any spots. It is then easier to apply protectants and sealants due to a solid base for everything to adhere to. Elements can cause corrosion and damage, and we want to prevent that by cleaning your vehicle and protecting it from future issues. Protectants and sealants need to be reapplied from time to time, so regularly scheduling an exterior detail as part of your vehicle maintenance can be helpful.

Why Pitt Stop Detail? 

Our Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales team consists of experts who know how to efficiently detail every part of your vehicle. A thorough detailing of your vehicle requires time, and it is easy to overlook spaces we include as part of our routine. Our team also has all the tools and products needed to take care of every step in an exterior detail. As you consider your exterior detail, know that we can also help you with an interior detail so every inch of your vehicle is ready for you to enjoy. Interior detailing can be especially helpful during certain times of the year, not just for your overall enjoyment, but to rid the interior of pollens and allergens that may make you or your passengers uncomfortable. 

To schedule with Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales, contact us today. We have several packages we can offer for your vehicle of any size. Whether we are working with you regularly or you need a little extra help with a muddy truck or well-used trailer, our team will make sure you drive away clean and ready for your next adventure.