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Vehicles can withstand an awful lot. It makes sense for them to be pretty durable, too. The interior and the exterior of your car, truck, boat, trailer, or SUV are exposed to the elements of your daily commute and beyond and what you bring in and out the doors with you. There are multiple ways you can keep your car looking new, between detailing appointments with Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales that will help reduce this wear and tear.

1. Remove the big stuff right away.

It can be hard to keep up with all the dust, dirt, and pollen. In fact, it can be downright impossible, especially during certain seasons and weather conditions. Some smudges need to be removed right away from your vehicle. Animal waste, tar, and sap can all cause lasting damage to your vehicle and should be removed as soon as possible. By keeping a bottle of detail spray and microfiber cloths on hand, you should be able to prevent further issues.

2. Clean your glass.

Your windows are a big part of your vehicle, surrounding the space to allow you to see out. Streaked glass can not only make your car look bad, but it can also be dangerous as you observe obstacles and other drivers on the road. By using a small amount of cleaner and a fresh microfiber towel, you should be able to keep your windows spotless, at least for a little while. Autoguide recommends “you do your final wipe on the outside of the glass in an up-and-down motion and if you do your final wipe inside the car side-to-side you know what side the streak is.”

3. Consider a clay bar.

Scratches can be small or large, and can also be distributed across the hood, roof, or other surfaces. If you are washing and polishing regularly, but still feel your car is rough, you may need the assistance of a clay bar. This tool will strip off grit and grime. The good products you want on your car can do their job by stripping the surface.

4. Take the right steps.

You can wax your car regularly and still not have a vehicle that looks in tip-top shape. You need to clean the vehicle's surface from all dirt and grime before polishing and waxing. These steps will also help protect your washing too, allowing your vehicle to shine from all the work you put into it.

5. Prevent bigger cleanups.

Both the interior and exterior of your vehicle need attention. It can be easier to clean as you go, thinking of it more as maintenance rather than having to fix issues as they arise. Check over the exterior of your vehicle regularly, using spray and a microfiber towel to spot-check and wash by hand as needed. For the interior, throw away trash and remove your belongings each time you leave your car. Consider an accessible handheld vacuum to get any crumbs; make it a routine to wipe down the interior every other day before going to work or into your home with a disposable wipe or microfiber cloth.

By taking the time to clean your vehicle, you will ensure it looks good in the short term and the long run. Maintenance and cleaning are crucial parts of getting mileage out of your vehicle. For the bigger detailing sessions, make an appointment with Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales today!