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6 Ways the Weather/Elements Can Damage Your Car

Our cars are an investment, usually a considerable one that we plan on keeping in top shape for as long as possible. As the newness wears off, many of the promises we make when we purchase a new vehicle, about washing and waxing and detailing the interior tend to fall to the wayside. There are certain external elements you should pay extra attention to, before they damage your vehicle. Pitt Stop Detail can help you keep your car maintained before that damage occurs.

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can be detrimental to the exterior and interior of your car. The paint on the outside of your car is designed to withstand heat and sun, to a certain degree, but will eventually show fading and other signs of damage if left for too long at a single time or with repeated intense exposure. Also, your car’s interior, including seats, the dash, and steering wheel can become brittle and crack with that same time sitting in the sun. Even your car battery can be decreased. By parking your car under cover and by regularly washing and waxing your vehicle, you can prolong the life of the paint.

Dirt and Dust

It can be challenging to make the time to wash your car when you know a rainstorm is on the horizon or that a decent day of driving will lead to it being dirty again. It’s important to wash your car regularly to get rid of dust, dirt, build up, and other grime. Dust and dirt are such fine particles they can rub tiny scratches in your paint as they move against your car. Build up, depending on the type can erode your paint and damage the metal underneath.

Grime and Animal Byproducts

Whether running through a cloud of gnats on a road trip or parking under a tree while on errands, our cars frequently withstand contact with dead bugs and animal droppings. These animal byproducts and other similar grime can have corrosive qualities that will eat away at the protective coating on your car and damage your paint. By washing your car frequently, you can extend the life of your car.

Hail Damage

Unfortunately, hailstorms do happen and usually without much warning. Hail of all sizes can impact your vehicle’s body, leaving pockmarks and dents behind. These dents are usually in need of professional repair. The best way to prevent this damage is to park your car in a garage or under a porte-cochere or some similar covering when it’s not in use. 


A drive to the coast or living by the beach may be your biggest wish, but it is not the ideal for your car. While paint has developed a little more resiliency against the salt suspended in the air and surf in coastal areas, there is still little to be done against the corrosive agent of salt. Those living in these areas need their car checked frequently for damage, including, according to A Abana Insurance, being “sure to check your brake calipers, and nuts and bolts frequently.” Covering your car with a tarp at night will help reduce the impact of salt and those visiting the coast should have their car washed top to bottom upon returning home.

Wet Weather

Similar to coastal living above, areas with high humidity and large amounts of rain will experience more likelihood of rust than their dry climate counterparts. By keeping your car clean, you can better assess what is dirt vs. what needs extra attention. Also, any small dents, dings, and scratches should be repaired and repainted to prevent rust in those areas where the body is exposed. 

Pitt Stop Detail can assist in regular and routine washing and detailing of your car as well as giving extra attention to problem areas that need our help. We can help work into your schedule and have several choices in the level of care. Help your car live a longer life by caring for it the way it needs. Please contact us today!