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There are a number of people who get carsick or just plain sick in the car. The same is true for our furry friends, some of who are very likely to add pet stains and vomit to the interior of your vehicle. After you get home, you may wonder what to do next. Pitt Stop Detail has a few tips for how to get your vehicle back in shape.

Act Quickly

It may be worth not even waiting until you get home to try and mitigate some of the damage from your pet. If you can safely stop with your four legged friend in your vehicle, you might consider stopping at a local gas station for paper towels or old rags to clean up as much of the stain as you can. If you have access to water or a gentle cleaning solution, you can go ahead and use that, blotting gently to get as much of the extra liquid out of your upholstery or carpet as possible.

Get Rid of Odor

An air freshener can help reduce the lingering aroma that is sure to bother you after some time, but according to Cesar Millan, “avoid spraying air fresheners while your pet is in the car because they are sensitive to these smells.” If you would like to try a more neutral odor, which may be helpful for some sensitive noses who don’t want to add scent on top of other scents, sprinkle baking soda over any cloth surface, leave it overnight, then vacuum away the next morning. If it is safe, you can leave car doors or windows open as well.

Secure Your Pet

To avoid pet odors later, consider a special mat or a towel under where they are sitting in the vehicle. They need to be in a safety harness anyways, so you can focus on a single area, rather than them roaming around the entire car and making a mess everywhere. Some families only transport their pets in crates or kennels, which will minimize stains as well.

Call for Help

There are times where your best efforts won’t get out all of the stains left behind. If the issue has had time to dry, it could damage the foam underneath and leave a smell that won’t go away unless professionally treated. Another risk is vomit or other bodily fluids in the hard to reach cracks and crevices between and behind seats. We have specialty tools that will help remove everything from your interior that shouldn’t be there. If you have given it your best effort and you are still seeing residual stains or you are still smelling those odors, Pitt Stop Detail can help with odor removal or replacing upholstery.

To make an appointment to clean up after your pet or to get a general interior cleaning, call Pitt Stop Detail. We have the expertise to take care of your car, truck, SUV, boat, or other vehicle, both inside and out, from top to bottom. Come see us today.