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Repairs Covered by Insurance

Our cars are a large investment in our lives. We use them to move ourselves, objects, and more around town and beyond. The more we use our cars, the more they run the risk of getting damaged. Pitt Stop Auto Detail can help restore your vehicle to be the best version it can be. From deep cleaning and detailing to cosmetic and damage repairs, we care about your vehicle’s appearance. Many mull over whether or not to seek repairs, especially on aesthetic damage for a number of reasons, especially if budgets are tight. While every insurance policy is different and the impact of a claim will vary from person to person, you may already have made an investment to help care for your car.

Interior Damage - More than likely an insurance company is not going to cover damage to the interior of your vehicle unless it was caused by an accident and is part of a larger claim. That being said, we have a number of options to help extract stains, do some repair work, and help the interior of your car shine.

Cleaning - Whether exterior or interior, this will most likely have to be paid for out of your own pocket but will be well worth it. Some insurance companies will cover an interior cleaning if there is an odor in the vehicle, the car was flooded because the windows were left down in the rain, or if there is an insect infestation. Having a clean and organized car is something coveted by many in the population and we have the skill set to make your car look as good as new by working into those hard to reach places. 

Substance on Vehicle - Most insurance companies will cover the cost of an exterior detail if there is a build-up of paint, tar, or some other substance from road construction on the vehicle. 

Light Car Scratches - This one depends on a lot of factors. An insurance company may cover it on a comprehensive policy depending on how it occurred. However you may want to look over your policy to decide if the claim is worth it in comparison to your deductible. We can give a good bid to help provide the information you need to make a good choice.

Deep Car Scratches - Deep car scratches frequently occur because of vandalism or a collision which is often covered under a comprehensive or, depending on the nature, collision policy. They also frequently have a larger price tag attached which means looking into your insurance for help may be wise if your deductible is smaller.

Window Cracks and Dings - Oftentimes, insurance policies will cover the repair to windows, especially windshields. Because a clear line of sight is important for driving safety, insurance companies may frequently chip in money to fix those pings and chips in the glass. 

Bumper Dint - If you bumped into something, you may want to pay out of pocket to have this repair done, your premium may take a hit if you make a claim on your insurance. However, if you were bumped into, the offending party should have insurance to cover having this repair done. 

Hitting Bugs or Birds - More often than not, insurance will not cover the aesthetic damage that comes with a “flight related” incident. Bring your vehicle in for us to check over and we will give you a fair price to fix your car and be on your way.

For scratches or smudges, for dents or dust, Pitt Stop Auto Detailing can clean your car, inside and out, from front to back. Drop off your vehicle today or contact us to come see what we can do for you.