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More than likely, at some point, your car is going to need a little care in the cosmetic area. From minor scratches to parking lot dings and dents to larger issues from an accident, your vehicles get exposed to a great deal of damage. How to fix these issues, and the type of bodywork your vehicle needs, will vary greatly, but our team at Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales can help.

What happens when my car is in an accident?

This question could range from nothing more than a small scratch in your bumper to your vehicle needing a total repair. It simply depends on how big of an accident and even that covers such a large spectrum of possibility depending on angles, the other vehicle(s) involved, speed, and a variety of other factors. Smaller fender benders at low speeds and larger accidents that require major work are sometimes easier to categorize. Those in between accidents, where some work may be hidden or potentially structural without clear evidence is harder to classify.

What is the difference between different types of damage?

Generally, we classify damage into three types – cosmetic, hidden, and structural.

  • Cosmetic damage has no impact on the car other than how it looks. Scratches, dings, and paint chips are all cosmetic damages.
  • Hidden damage is damage you cannot see but may impact the structure or systems of your vehicle. A technician would need to evaluate your vehicle to investigate hidden damage.
  • Structural damage is damage to the frame which acts as the support and foundation for your vehicle. Sometimes this damage is visible, sometimes it is not.

If cosmetic bodywork is just for looks, why should I worry about it?

It is easy to see why someone would assume it was just for looks, especially with the word cosmetic in the label. However, cosmetic damage, if untreated, can cause larger issues down the road. The paint of the vehicle isn’t just your favorite color, but also acts as a barrier to protect the metal underneath. Once this paint is compromised, rust and fading can occur quickly.

How can Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales help?

We can help restore your vehicle after an accident or small issue, by working on cosmetic damage you may have. Our expert team will evaluate the issue, let you know our best recommendation, and strive to make your car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle look like new again. From sealing minor spots of damage to stripping down entire panels for paint correction, our goal is to bring the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle back to factory floor shine.

What kind of vehicles can you work on?

We can work on any and all. We have worked on anything from daily driver sedans to classic cars needing a little touch up. It isn’t uncommon for trailers and boats to be parked in our service area, and we are happy to work with you on any specialty vehicle you may have.

To learn more about what Pitt Stop Detail and Auto Sales can offer you, for cosmetic bodywork or for an interior and exterior detailing, contact us today. We can work to bring your vehicle back to its best condition, and we are here to serve you.