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The Gift of a Clean Car

Whether you are a gear head or someone who just needs to get around, for many of us, our cars are a part of our lives. We use them for transportation, for hauling stuff around, for time with others, and even for dining and holding meetings in. Our cars are going to get dirty, and no matter how hard we try to keep up, detailing is challenging. Enter Pitt Stop Detail.

A Stressful Mess

There are many benefits to living in less clutter and tidier spaces. Multiple studies have shown cleaner areas leading to more positive emotions, less anxiety, and feelings of accomplishment. In fact, according to one study published on Good Housekeeping, 61% of Americans reported feeling distressed when they tidied their homes. It only makes sense that these feelings would carry over to our cars where we are spending more and more time. Busy families, commuters, and those literally on the go can view their car as being an extension of their home, especially during busier seasons of life. The AAA found that Americans increased the amount of time in their cars by 6.3% since 2014 and is driving the equivalent of two round trip drives from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. every year. This is a lot of time spent in your car and the amount this can weigh on you when it is messy, cluttered, or dirty, makes an impact on your life.

Our Detailing Services

Try as you may, without special equipment, there will always be nooks and crannies you miss when trying to clean your car. Pitt Stop Detail can get every hard to reach spot all while you focus on doing something else. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to make your car, both inside and outside, sparkle. Our outside services involve removing regular grime and environmental factors your car may have encountered with options for correcting issues found in paint or adding in chemical protectants. Inside your car we want to extract every speck that doesn’t belong there and we can pay extra attention to additional supplies or repairs you may need like new windshield wipers or repairs in ripped upholstery.

The Gift that Keeps Giving

Maybe you don’t need auto detailing yourself, but you probably know someone who does. A full service is a great holiday gift-giving idea, not only for the initial clean, but for the gift that keeps giving as the recipient enjoys the reduced stress in their lives when they climb into their car. We have several packages to choose from and also have additional services like clay bar detailing, carpet replacement, and smoke odor removal. In fact, if you have a loved one who is planning to set a resolution for the new year to stop smoking, this service may be the perfect way to start them on the right foot! Also, you would be giving anyone a small (or even large) amount of happiness with a clean car since psychologist and author, Sherrie Bourg Carter, contends that “a clean space is more likely to be linked with positive emotions (happiness, calm, a sense of well-being).”

For more information about our services or to go ahead and drop off a car for detailing, come see us today. If you leave us your vehicle before noon, we can offer same-day services. Pitt Stop Detail is excited to be a part of your holiday gift-giving and day-to-day needs as well!

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